We specialize in real time embedded software design and development. This specialty encompasses numerous aspects of software development.

Software applications can come in various shapes and sizes, and can run on many different platforms in many different environments. No matter how big or small your final application will be, Atlantex Corp. has the expertise to create robust software for your system. We use design practices modeled after the most successful names in the software industry.

Atlantex Corp. specializes in firmware for real-time embedded systems. We can help you develop firmware for any size embedded project, from small 8-bit single chip wonders to large 32-bit distributed systems. We have extensive experience with most commercial Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and network protocol stacks.

It is a common need for an embedded system to have to communicate with a PC. The PC may act as a user interface or as an installation and maintenance tool for the embedded system. At Atlantex Corp., we have the tools and experience necessary to create an intuitive and attractive front-end for your product.

See our software skills page for a more detailed breakdown of our language and platform experience.

Atlantex's engineers are skilled in electronic and mechanical design. We can quickly turn out prototypes that allow you to prove and test market your concept, and we can then turn those prototypes into full production designs. By working closely with our partners in contract manufacturing, we ensure that your product can be built and tested as cost-effectively as possible.

See our hardware skills page for a more detailed breakdown of our analog and digital hardware experience.