Atlantex Corp. has designed products around many different microprocessors.  If you product needs to connect to real-world signals, our analog experts will make sure that your process variables are accurately read.
MPC860 MPC860T 68K
68340 68EN302 68HC12
68HC11 6809 68HC08
x86 x196 8051
Z80 Z180 Z85C30 SCC
TMS320Cxx series of DSP's
V25 V35 V40
64180 6303    
x86 x186 AM85C30 SCC
PIC series   x186   AM85C30 SCC
3120 3150   AM85C30 SCC

Atlantex can design a reliable, easy to manufacture circuit board for your product and house it in an rugged, attractive enclosure.

  PCB layout
  Small parts
  Membrane switches
  Wire harnesses
  Graphic panel overlays
  Simple ABS molded parts

Whether you are relying on a standard sensor interface or you have a custom sensor, an Atlantex design will ensure the integrity of your signal.

  Voltage input
  RTD's, thermocouples, thermistors
  Solid-state temperature sensors
  Humidity sensors
  Rotary encoders
  Load cells
  Moisture detectors
  Infrared devices