Welcome to the Atlantex Corp. projects page. Here you will find a small sample of the many real-world applications that we have created for our clients.

Hand Held Chemical Threat Monitor

This unique portable product allows the quick identification of chemical threats in the field.  Based on a Windows CE computing platform, we also use an external processor to handle the real-time IR spectroscopy.  We put together the CE platform for our client, and wrote the code for the external processor to which handles the signal acquisition and communcations.  We continue to work with this client as the product evolves and customers request special features.
Fiberoptic Cystometry System

Our client manufactures a unique product to diagnose urinary incontinence. Atlantex was called in to help completely redesign the product.  The product was updated to include a color touchscreen display that walks the doctor through the procedure and shows real-time graphs of test results.  We added support for USB communications to a PC.  With the new USB link, we were able to give our client the ability to remotely upgrade the firmware in the device.  The upgrade process includes dual copies of the application image which allows for failsafe operation. We continue to work with our client to provide custom test and quality control fixtures for production of consumables associated with the product.
          BeamOne Holographic User Interface

When the patent holder of this innovative new technology needed a demonstration kit, Atlantex got the call.  We designed the award-winning BeamOne, a fully functional holographic user interface that allows users to interact with a PC and to control equipment by simply touching virtual images that float in the air. BeamOne has won many awards, including Control Engineering's prestigious Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice awards, and has been featured in articles in the New York Times, the Journal of New England Technology, Control Engineering, Kiosk Marketplace, Diesel Progress, the Stamford Advocate and  others publications.
Network redundancy and failover switches

Our client makes the devices that keep critical electronic communications flowing. When the FAA or the US Navy needs to ensure that their lines of communications are always up, this is the hardware they use.  Atlantex has helped with the firmware and hardware design of a number of projects, including redundancy and failover switching, alarm reporting, and site monitoring. We work seamlessly with the client as an integral member of their development team.
Thermal Controls for Immunoassay System

Screening blood for infectious diseases and tumor markers require precise temperature control.  Atlantex Corp. was called in to develop software control algorithms that maintain temperatures to with 0.05 degrees C.  We were able to not only meet this specification, but our control algorithm also reduced the startup time for the instrument by a factor of four.
Intelligent Lead/Lag Control and Monitoring System

Our client, a major manufacturer of environmental controls, needed to expand their product line by adding a smaller, cheaper device. Atlantex provided a turnkey design for our client, including the hardware design, PCB layout and firmware. This device monitors and controls the environment in small, unmanned shelters and huts. Two separate heat/AC units are controlled with intelligent lead-lag switchover. The device incorporates a number of analog and digital inputs and outputs, an LCD display and keypad, multiple serial ports and a modem.

HVAC Control Test System

How does one HVAC controller compare to another? Can we effectively use the existing HVAC system in a building to kill Anthrax? What effects do various pieces of office equipment have on the heat load in a space? These are the kinds of questions that our client needed to answer. Atlantex created a custom, open-architecture test and control system for them. Modular, networked I/O reads numerous temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, and controls a number of analog and digital actuators. Displays on the PC allow the operator to view a real-time graphic overview of the system. The control algorithms are implemented in the PC, allowing for quick setup and tear-down of custom tests. All data is archived to a historian and displayed interactively using color graphics for detailed analysis.

High Speed Communication Card

Atlantex was called in to help a client with an existing design that was giving them problems. The product failed FCC part 15 tests, and also needed to be updated to meet GR-1089-CORE requirements. Atlantex examined the existing design, made additions and changes to it, and produced a new PCB layout. The updated board was submitted for testing and passed all tests the first time, saving the client thousands of dollars in lab time at UL.

Call Center Phone System

A major PBX manufacturer needed to add the ability to remotely upgrade the firmware in one of its products. Atlantex made quick work of the project, completing it in three months rather than the six months budgetted by the client. The upgrade allows a network of in-store PBX's to be remotely reprogrammed from anywhere in the world. The client is a leader in PBX and phone technology and one of the most recognized names in the industry.
High Speed Encryption Device

Our client needed to encrypt information for credit card and ATM transactions - thousands of transactions a second. Atlantex was hired to write the firmware for the project. We created low-level drivers for the high speed ESCON fiber-optic interface, as well as the application code itself. Atlantex worked closely with the client's hardware engineers to verify their hardware design and to bring up and debug the new boards.

Communications Systems for Financial Markets

Atlantex helped create the software that runs the backbone of the world's financial markets. Our real-time communications drivers are busy transmitting ticker information from all the major markets to locations around the world, including to Alan Greenspan's desk. The network consists of a mix of hardware, from PC's to embedded systems, as well as a slew of communications protocols.