Atlantex Corp. is a provider of rapid software and hardware design services for embedded systems. Our specialties include real-time operating systems, communication protocols and control systems. We can act as an extension of your existing engineering team or we can provide you with complete, turnkey product development and support.

How do you get 100% market share? By being the first to market with a new product. Atlantex Corp. understands your need to get your product to market quickly. All of our energies are focused on helping you attain that goal.

Many of our customers have learned to involve Atlantex early in the project at the specifications stage, relying on our balance of hardware and software experience to help them make difficult design decisions that could be costly to change down the road. For some parts of the system, the "make versus buy" decision can be a tricky one. Atlantex Corp. can help you decide where it may be appropriate to apply off-the-shelf solutions to shorten development time. The criteria we use are always the same: what method will get the product to market in the quickest, most cost-effective manner?

By using Atlantex for both the hardware and software design, our customers reduce cost and minimize delays by speeding up communications between the hardware and software groups. Our close ties with suppliers, service bureaus and contract manufacturers allow us to quickly usher your project from the design phase, through prototyping and into production.

Benefits of rapid product development:

  Extend the sales life of your product
  Increase market share
  Increase profit margins