Low cost, low power, high reliability
  Fully field programmable
  High accuracy with automatic adjustment and software calibration
  Simple plug-in interface
  Large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with optional backlight
  Fully compatible with other Atlantex products (see cross reference below)
  Custom features available to match your application

Model Description Compatibility
2ki-1 100 ohm RTD temperature indicator/trasmitter 1800, 1800i
2ki-2 1000 ohm RTD temperature indicator/transmitter 1800, 1800i
2ki-3 4-20 mA indicator/controller 1050, 1850i
2ki-4 Rate indicator/totalizer 1010, 1810i
2ki-5 Batch controller
2ki-6 Pulse scaler/amplifier 1710, 1740, 1760
2ki-7 PID controller 1090
2ki-8 Voltage indicator/controller
2ki-J,K,R,T Thermocouple indicator, transmitter 1800, 1800i

Specifications : -

  Temperature: -200 to 1400 degrees C (RTD or Thermocouple)
  Voltage: +/- 5V max. differential
  4-20 mA (50 ohm)
  Frequency: 0-100 KHz, 100K ohm impedance, 0-2.5V trigger threshold level (software adjustable)
  Accuracy: 0.1 percent, +/- 1 digit
  Compensation: Automatic (drift, 3rd wire RTD, cold junction compensation for TC's)

  Isolated 4-20mA @ 0.1 percent
  Relay contacts @ 5 A, 250 VAC, 1/6 HP max
  Open collector @ 20 mA, 36 VDC, 10 KHz max
  12/24 VDC @ 100 mA max

  100/110/200/220/240 VAC
  12/24V AC/DC
  24 VCC loop power (12V drop min.)

  Local - 4 micro-switch pushbuttons, LCD display
  Remote - RS232C/RS485 interface

  Power consumption: 5W max
  Operating temperature: 0 to 50 deg. C
  Relative humidity: 0 to 95% @ 40 deg. C (non-condensing)
  Housing: 1/4 DIN, Nema 4X

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